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Fusions et acquisitions - Itergy

Key IT Integration Challenges & Solutions Following a M&A

IT integration projects are often not a top priority during the due diligence and early integration phases. One CIO mentioned that the business may actually request that no changes be made in the first six months, meaning the IT consolidation that would drive many ongoing efficiencies is left unfunded. And the IT pain points associated with the lack of centralization start rising to the surface.

Service Levels and Active Directory Disaster Recovery

To reduce Active Directory downtime and the related loss of productivity make it your priority this year to build an effective disaster recovery plan and ensure that it is regularly tested, reviewed and refined. Offering service levels on Active Directory under these circumstances is achievable. Do these things and it will be good for your business-and your sleep!

Keeping Active Directory up and running all the time

As with any other service, the key to maintaining your Active Directory lies in proper management with a continuous improvement lifecycle; design, transition, operate. In this blog post, I will discuss the service life cycle as it applies to Active Directory to help keep your environment running smoothly and to rapidly address service impacts.