Resolve your BYOD challenges


Are You BYOD-Ready?

From increased productivity and employee satisfaction to potential cost savings, there is no denying the benefits of allowing employees to use their personal mobile devices and social media pages in the workplace. But this unavoidable phenomenon is also putting a lot of pressure on IT departments to maintain security and compliance.

Take Control of BYOD

Embracing BYOD while preserving security and maintaining regulatory compliance can be a challenge because of:

  • Devices that do not support corporate applications
  • Poorly set up network access management
  • Minimal processes for identity and access management
  • Irregular system administration to manage updates
  • Skewed alignment of corporate policies within security settings
  • Poor or non-existent strategies for device administration and management

What if we told you that our experienced professionals can help you build a policy-governed infrastructure that effectively supports a BYOD environment?

Clients that come to us for BYOD solutions are looking for:

  • A reliable partner that will take the time to understand their corporate policies and IT infrastructure
  • A BYOD roadmap to deliver the right level of access within a safe network environment
  • A complete end-to-end BYOD solution
  • Possible knowledge transfer and training by our team of BYOD experts
  • A simplified approach to policy enforcement