Switch from on-premises to Azure!

As Windows 2003 comes to an end, Itergy wants to ensure that you’re well equipped to move on to the new OS. Through a 5 day on-site design and implementation service, Itergy helps create a cloud-based lab so you can develop and/or test your applications while significantly reducing delivery times and costs. Along with expert knowledge transfer from our IT cloud professionals, we also offer a free Azure usage trial period and much more!

Our Solution

Itergy offers a solution that can get you started down the road of testing your applications with a minimal investment. With this pay-per-usage model, you can see what effect the new OS will have on your applications without making a large investment in hardware, which provides you a lot flexibility. We do this by setting up a virtual test environment in Azure, which you can then leverage for testing your Windows Server Upgrade. Moreover, your Azure Windows Server 2003 Upgrade Lab will enable you to create realistic scale tests and to connect globally to your on-premises network.

Key Benefits

  • Ensures compatibility of your applications on the new OS
  • Quickly deploys a lab and meets the Windows Server 2003 end-of-life deadline
  • Enables you to scale your lab environment dynamically to test your different applications
  • Offers potential total cost-of-ownership savings of ~30%, with minimized upfront investment vs. on-premises lab
  • Provides 20-30X faster hardware provisioning and delivery vs. on-premises lab