Niroshan Subramaniam

Global Head of Sales

Niroshan Subramaniam joined Itergy as the Global Head of Sales and leads a growing sales team in Toronto, Montreal, and the UK. He is a seasoned and motivated sales leader, who thrives in cultivating and enabling an energetic culture of high-performing sales and business development leaders, who are tenacious, curious, and resilient with clients. Niroshan has a relentless focus on collaborating through strategic relationships with key internal and external stakeholders, with an aim on accelerating win rates.

He thrives in proactively empowering and shaping the growth of sales through a consultative relationship approach during new business development, cross-sell, and up-sell. Niroshan always maintains a self-starter mindset with a winning attitude that inspires teams to be tactical, transform, and confidently achieve aggressive goals. He brings over 10 years of experience working at IBM where he led and drove growth with sales teams across Canada within multiple market segments, with a focus on software and services. He is known to lead with empathy and compassion, while enjoying developing and coaching high-caliber talent who embrace a culture of a growth mindset.