Cloud App Discovery Assessment

January 28, 2015

Cloud App Discovery Assessment

Did you know that most CIOs believe they are running 30-40 SaaS apps in their environment, when in reality the average is ten times that? If you combine this with over 80% of employees saying they are using nonapproved SaaS apps, you can imagine the number of apps that are actually acquired and used without the consent or oversight of IT. Scary? Even more important, these statistics reveal huge security and compliance threats to organizations.

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Our solution

Itergy offers a solution to help you stop worrying and start securing. By running a Cloud App Discovery assessment, we will help you:

  • Discover cloud applications that are utilized in your organization
  • Identify the most popular apps in use
  • Determine the applications that you need to review and prioritize

It’s simple! We’ll perform a Cloud App Discovery assessment in your environment to gain a comprehensive view of the SaaS-based applications being used. Then we’ll analyse the data and provide a detailed report on the information discovered.

Key Benefits and Features

  • Fast setup
  • Identification of security threats and non-approved SaaS applications
  • Detailed report/audit of SaaS applications