Active Directory Health Check

September 30, 2015

Active Directory Health Check

Help your people identity performance-level risks in you Directory Services environment with the Active Directory Health Check. Resolve efficiency issues that may impact your organization.

The Itergy Active Directory Health Check provides a focused view into the well being of your directory services infrastructure.

The Health Check provides a snapshot of your production Active Directory environment, documenting areas of critical concern, areas to enhance performance, and areas where “Best Practices” can be applied.

The Active Directory Health Check makes use of non-intrusive tools and techniques measuring various thresholds of Active Directory to uncover areas of concern. This proactive approach allows Itergy to identify and diagnose prospective issues within your production environment with the intent to prevent potential future outages and ensure secure access.

Our service identifies vulnerabilities in your Active Directory infrastructure, as well as provides guidance and recommendations for performance, configuration, and architectural design.

Our approach reveals root causes, empowering you to take a preventative and proactive method of reducing current and or impending issues prior to affecting your client base and the cost increase of support.

Itergy’s Active Directory Health Check

  • Review of your logical and physical Active Directory design
  • Sites and Services, Organizational Units, FSMO placement
  • Review of the Active Directory Replication & Files Replication Service
  • Review of the Active Directory Databases & Name Resolution Services
  • Review of up to five (5) Domain Controller Health
  • Review of your Backup and Disaster Recovery Strategy

The data collected from your production system is analyzed, the final report is then delivered to you along with an initial plan for remediation. Contact us today to learn more about the Microsoft Active Directory Health Check.