Cloud Hosted IT Test/Dev Environment

November 10, 2014

Cloud Hosted IT Test/Dev Environment

Yes it’s possible! Implementing a test/dev environment in as little as 5 days, reducing overall costs and never having to worry about hardware provisioning and installing is all possible! At Itergy, our proven methodology has permitted us to successfully configure cloud-based test environments for our customers which comes with an instantly scalable and elastic feature to suit your organizations unique needs.

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Our Solution

As a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner, Itergy can provide you with a complete solution to help you achieve your goals. We’ll put your test/dev environment in the cloud, thereby eliminating the need to acquire permanent resources and providing you with a pay-per-usage model. Our solution includes:

  • Five-day on-site design and implementation services
  • Access to a multidisciplinary team, with an assigned expert for the project
  • Free Microsoft Azure cloud services trial period
  • Three-month post-configuration checkup

Key Benefits

  • Total cost of ownership savings of approximately 30%, with minimized upfront investment
  • 20-30X faster hardware provisioning and delivery
  • Ability to scale your test/dev environment dynamically as your needs change