Threats & Risks of the New Normal (webinar)

On June 10th, Itergy, along with Quest Software, hosted an interactive webinar discussing the reality of IT threats and risks to organisations as people try to work during the pandemic, and prepare for the changes moving forward.  The link to the recorded webinar is here

The pandemic took us all by surprise. Companies rushed to deploy solutions to enable employees to work remotely, often without securing them.  

Now, many should be questioning how secure their current set up is, how well is the data, connectivity and privacy protected today with all the rapid changes that have so recently occurred. 

Registrants submitted their concerns and topics of interests prior to the event so that the content aligned to their new reality.  During the live interactive event, Ralph Loewen, CEO at Itergy, and Colin Truran, Principal Strategist at Quest Software, also responded to questions from the attendees.  

Colin Truran highlighted how many companies have not fundamentally changed the way in which they approach the security and threat response and simply use the “good old strategy” to accommodate a modern working environment. Organisations need to take a step back, draw a line under what they are doing and go back to first principals,” emphasised Colin. The challenge here is for the organisation to prevent, identify and be prepared for any kind of breach.  

On the other hand, Ralph Loewen illustrated, through customer stories, situations faced by customers and how they overcame security breaches. When there has been any kind of breach, we must assume it is malicious and we must prepare for that by asking the key question: what is your resiliency?” underlined RalphTo learn more about strategies to implement in light of these threats and risks during the new normal, please watch the recorded webinar.  

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