Improve Protection Of Business-Critical Systems. Free Up Resources For Business-Building Projects.

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Keen on optimizing your Active Directory?

What if you could free up your resources to work on other projects while contracting a service to manage Active Directory 24/7?

Is your Office 365 environment secure and configured correctly?

Itergy can help you analyze your Office 365 environment security based on the best practices.

What's your IT strategy for M&A?

We know what’s on your mind in the midst of an IT integration post merger and acquisition: do it fast, do it smoothly and find some synergy along the way.

Move to a secure modern workspace

Itergy’s secure and fully-managed modern workspace can help you effectively and efficiently address identity, security and safeguard apps and data on-premises, in the cloud and across devices.

Can you guarantee fast recovery after a cyber attack?

Active Directory is the number one targeted system by cyber attacks. Today, standard backups of AD are simply not enough. Recovering AD can be extremely challenging. Have you tested your DR plan for gaps or errors?  

Worried about IT security?

What if a team of experts was monitoring your systems and were responsible for taking proactive corrective measures?

Why Itergy?

Our goal is building trust and long term relationships with our clients. How do we do it? We take the time to sit down with you and assess and understand your needs and situation. With our expertise, we’ll plan and build together the best and most complete solution for your needs to help bring your business to the next level. That’s our commitment!