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Businesses are realizing the power of the Cloud. From consumption based processing to hosted productivity applications, the cloud has democratized high power computing.


Itergy's Project Centric Solutions aim to knit together a project’s entire lifecycle; from lead (CRM, Opportunity List) through to delivery (SharePoint, Office365) as well as financial management (ERP).


Many organizations operate document intensive business processes involving large quantities of files, emails, or hardcopies. These processes are frequently inefficient, labor intensive, inaccurate, and expensive. Often these organizations also have retention requirements, further complicating the document management challenge and introducing additional cost.


Data visualization is the presentation of data in graphical or pictorial format, in order to derive new understandings or insights.  Presenting data visually enables decision makers to quickly grasp difficult concepts or identify new patterns.  Interactive visualizations allow manipulation of the presentation by drilling deeper into data.

Active Directory Recovery services. Ransomware recovery services. Active Directory. Active Directory migration and consolidation. Productivity tools. Microsoft 365. M365. Identity and Access Management. Cybersecurity.
Business Process Automation

Increase productivity and efficiency. We connect your people, data, and technologies, so you can free up employees to work on the high-value activities.