Productivity and Collaborations Solutions


Built on SharePoint/Office 365 and Azure, Project Solutions allow…

  • project teams to collaborate and communicate effectively
  • sales teams to track opportunities
  • familiar, central management and access of project related information
  • individual level visibility on assigned tasks across all projects
  • manager level visibility of a project portfolio
  • best in class search and discovery capabilities
  • role-based security
  • business intelligence, insights and reporting

Itergy’s Project Centric Solutions aim to knit together a project’s entire lifecycle; from lead (CRM, Opportunity List) through to delivery (SharePoint, Office365) as well as financial management (ERP).

Project Center combines document management, schedule creation and publishing, task/issue/risk tracking, financial reporting, contact sharing, email monitoring and organization, report generation and sharing, etc. Our solutions provide easy navigation, a familiar working environment and overall visibility to the entire project team; they tie in the information the team needs, when they need it, and provides the ability to aggregate at team/department levels (i.e. “what are ‘we’ working on?) as well as at a personal level (i.e., “what am ‘I’ working on?).

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