People, not Perimeters

How to make cloud and work-from-home architecture more productive and secure.

To successfully manage and operate cloud applications or infrastructure—public, private or hybrid—much depends on how well you manage security, identity, and critical services like Azure AD and Active Directory.

Watch the educational videos below or read the highlight report that share the lessons learned from years of successful implementations, managing cloud security, identity, and directories, across different environments and countries.

Learn through actual customer stories. One in particular made us realize that boring is a good thing, especially in today’s world.

3-Minute Webinar

If you are looking for great tips for supporting and securing a new enterprise architecture that includes a significant remote workforce, view this short video, which features key customer stories and learnings. People are the Perimeters now; not the firewall.

Full Webinar

Having successfully made the massive shift to work from home, organizations are now dealing with the reality of supporting and securing a new enterprise architecture, where security depends on People, not Perimeters. Increasingly, they must also balance this with the demand for a better user experience.

Experts in the field share insights, best practices, actual events, and discuss how to:
  • Enable and empower staff in our current reality
  • Support and secure a new enterprise architecture
  • Apply a new approach to Microsoft Azure and Active Directory (AD), or application suites like Microsoft 365 (formally known as Office 365)
  • Leverage your Microsoft technology for your remote workforce.

Presented by:

– ITWC’s CIO Jim Love
– Quest’s Distinguished Engineer & UC Product Architect, Microsoft MVP, Curtis Johnstone
– And our CEO, Ralph Loewen

Itergy ITWC report

What are the best tricks to make new remote and cloud architecture secure, stable, and productive? Key elements like Microsoft Azure and Active Directory (AD), or application suites like Microsoft 365 (formally known as Office 365), require new approaches. Why not benefit from the experiences of others who have done this successfully? Read the report now.

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