Office 365 Security Risk Assessment

Office 365 Security Assessment

Is your Office 365 environment secure and configured correctly? Is your company subject to compliance regulations either in-country or abroad? Are data loss prevention and protection of your organization’s intellectual property important? Do you know who has access to the information that is stored in the Microsoft Office 365 platform?

Time to stop wondering – Itergy’s Office 365 Security Assessment is here to help.

Our assessment analyzes your Office 365 environment using features of Office 365, Itergy’s knowledge of compliance requirements in multiple industries and geographic regions, and your organization’s security policies. An Itergy expert will analyze your Office 365 security configuration based on the requirements, and then provide a report with actionable information to remediate where necessary. The Itergy expert will also be able to help your team implement the remediation actions to speed your organization along to compliance.

Assessment Key Features

  • Establish Measurements: Using governance, risk management, and compliance (GRC) requirements and your organization’s security policies, create a document detailing the requirement measurements for Office 365.
  • Report on Current Status: Configure the Office 365 SecureScore tool to measure the current status and produce a management report demonstrating where your organization is compliant and where it is deficient.
  • Build a Plan: Deliver a workshop to review the results, and create a high-level plan to remediate the identified deficiencies. The plan will be based on the urgency of the need, the organizational impact, and the ability of your organization to manage the necessary change with the end-user community.

Key Benefits

  • Insights into your security position. One place to understand your security position and what features you have enabled
  • Guidance to increase your security level. Learn what security features are available to reduce risk while helping you balance productivity and security
  • Compliance and regulatory settings. Mapped to GDPR, HIPAA, PIPEDA, ISO 20001 in Office 365
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