Keen on optimizing your AD?

What keeps you from improving the operational efficiency of AD?

Active Directory plays such a crucial role to support mission-critical applications that you simply cannot manage on your best efforts alone. You need an SLA-based approach, and that’s what Active Directory Management Services (ADMS) is all about.

Eliminate AD roadblocks in mission-critical projects

AD is not a topic that CIOs get very excited about. Nobody gets rewarded for optimizing AD. And yet if you don’t, you may jeopardize the success of major projects, such as the deployment of a new ERP solution, moving applications to the Cloud or enabling your BYOD strategy. Some organizations work around the complexity of AD, but only to realize that those quick-fix solutions generally make things more complicated when deploying future applications. Clients that are interested in ADMS are typically looking for a solution that will:

  • Provide a guaranteed level of AD performance and monitoring backed by stringent SLA
  • Perform periodic AD health checks to prevent AD disasters
  • Back up and test AD and its restoration process
  • Meet compliance and audit requirements
  • Free up their in-house resources to work on more strategic projects
  • Guarantee the availability of AD experts 24/7


Our Active Directory Management Services are based on specified SLAs, including disaster recovery, crisis management plans and periodic AD health checks. Over the years, we have managed—and continue to manage—AD for a number of large enterprise customers. We would be happy to share our track record with you.