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Managed and Support Services

DBPro Managed Services

DBPro Managed Services, a division of Itergy, gives access to a team of expert Senior System and Database Administrators. These Managed Services enable DBPro to maximize the utilization of customer systems in real time including 7/24 monitoring and operations as well as provide on-demand access to experts for clients’ specific needs and projects.


Gives your company access to a team of expert System & Database Administrators

Our Managed Services include the following three services:

  1. Management and remote monitoring tools;
  2. Structured management processes that are aligned with those of our clients;
  3.  A team of customer-centric experts that implement and manage all delivery requirements.

The result of this combination is a pro-active service that adapts to specific customer requirements at an affordable price. Thus you maximize the performance of your systems during real time operation and your internal team can have access to subject matter experts for specific projects or tasks.

Recurring tasks within the service include the following:

  • Installation and configuration of Systems & Databases
  • System & Query optimization
  • Disk space management
  • Update management
  • Database recovery
  • Back up management
  • Contingency & Recovery planning
  • 7/24 Emergency service

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