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IT Security Compliance

Auditors. You just love them, don’t you? It seems like no matter what you do, they always find security leaks in your processes or systems. At the same time, can you really blame them? But it sure can help to know why so many organizations fail their security audits. With our IT security compliance services, Itergy’s here to help!

Ongoing Risk Management

There are many organizations who fail security audits because they treat compliance as a “one-time” event. Managed IT security compliance services are the exact opposite of one-time compliance projects. They provide an integrated and continuous solution to manage all aspects of compliance. Our managed compliance services include:

  • IT security compliance with systematic identification, analysis and reporting of vulnerabilities
  • Automated configuration checks
  • Centralized identity and access management through Active Directory, MIM, etc.
  • Regular audits to keep your organization compliant at all times
  • Contingency planning in case of compliance failure

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